5 Ways To Choose Perfect Cricket Bat

Size of Bat

When you are going to select the bat the first thing is to pick the right size bat. Choosing the right size of the bat depends totally on your height. Use the table below to have an idea what size of bat fit you best.


Tennis ball or Leather ball

Once you figure out the size, you must know what kind of cricket you play. Would you play with a tennis or leather ball? If you are going to play with tennis ball only, then buying a Kashmir willow tennis cricket bat would be enough. If you are going to bat with leather ball then you would require a thicker bat.


Quality of Willow

There are primarily two types of Willows used in Bat-making: Kashmir Willow and English Willow.

Kashmir Willow Bats

are reasonable and made from Kashmir willow (in India). The wood is slightly harder than English Willow, but you will find these bats performing better than lower grade English Willow bats. These bats do not need oiling and can be used for playing immediately with few practice knocks. Kashmir Willow is ideal for you if:

You have a Small budget: These bats are reasonably priced, as compared to English Willlow

You are a Beginner/Youth: If you are starting to play cricket or you are a young cricketer playing for recreation, these bats are good for you.

You need a practice bat: These are ideal for practice, even for tournament level players.

English Willow Bats

are the best quality bats and most international players & top club level players use English Willow. These bats give top rebound performance in higher grades and are also quite lightweight, allowing them to be thicker. The wood used in these bats is usually of 4 grades:

Grade 1 Bats: These bats are of highest quality willow, with predominantly Straight grains and minor natural blemishes. These bats are usually Lightweight, allowing it to be thicker and more powerful.

Grade 2 Bats: Very good quality willow bats, with mostly Straight grains, usually more than four. There may be minor blemishes or knots, which are only natural in the product. These bats are usually Lightweight, and are the preferred choice for Club cricketers.

Grade 3 Bats: Good quality willow, good performance bats. These bats may have a darker colour down one side and lesser straight grains with few blemishes or knots. Good value for money bats and used by standard intermediate club players.

Grade 4 Bats: Good value for money bats for starting English Willow players. There may be a cover on the bat to hide blemishes & knots and also in turn, improving durability. These bats may have slightly irregular grain pattern and are less responsive than higher grade English Willow bats.


Number of Grains

Play ability and durability of a cricket bat depends on number of grain lines present on the face of the bat. These grain lines usually run from top to bottom of the bat. They represent the age of the wood used for making the bat. For better performance, choose a bat with more number of grains. But more grains mean less durability. So, ideal option for durability and performance is considered between 6 to 10 grains. Apart from grain number, you should check whether space is consistent between the grain lines. And also make sure the grain profile is same on the front and back of the bat’s face.


Weight of Bat

Weight of the bat also plays an important role in terms of performance. Heavier bats are more durable and provide more power to shots. But lighter bats allow the player to play all types of shots. They also allow better control and faster speed of the shot.

Based on weight, full size English willow bats are categorized into 3 types.

Light (0.94 to 1.14 Kg) – Suitable for touch players who wants to time the ball instead of hitting hard. You can choose this bat if you want good control over the strokes.

Medium (1.14 Kg to 1.26 Kg) – Perfect for control and balancing power. If you are looking for good maneuverability and solid power, then this is the right choice.

Heavy (1.26 Kg and more) – Ideal for power players are they are heavier and thicker. If you are a professional cricket player, then this is the right choice.